CBN + CBD Gummies - A Sleep Aid Alternative

CBN + CBD Gummies - A Sleep Aid Alternative

Dec 1st 2022

One blog post cannot express how important sleep is for our well-being and performance. We would be here all day trying to make that emphasis! For today, we’ll give some thoughts on how important sleep is and then use a little bit of science to explain why our CBN + CBD gummies could be a sleep aid alternative to help you as a consumer get what most people are failing to receive, better sleep.

There are numerous scientific journals and studies that have been done to show the impact of sleep on health and productivity. Sleep acts as a multifaceted restorative function for the brain. During sleep, hormones are released to repair areas of the body such as muscle tissue. Memories and experiences also have the opportunity to become more solidified as brain activity naturally slow down as the brain enters different sleep stages. This process is critical in terms of how information in the brain is processed and stored. Since sleep is a part of a human being's anatomical design, its frequency and quality becomes an important contributor to the functionality of an individual.

The amount of sleep people get is impacted by a number of factors. Sleep specialists recommend developing a night time routine to improve the amount of quality sleep someone gets. Bad habits and a lack of routine are contributors to an overall lack of sleep. Another sleep stealing component could be someone's stress or anxiety. Cortisol is the stress hormone. When there are increased levels present in someone’s blood stream at any given time, it makes it more difficult for the receptors in the body to signal to the brain that it is time for sleep.

Of course, we recommend getting counseling from a medical professional if you feel you're not experiencing the sleep your body requires to meet life’s demands. However, we do want to point out that certain prescriptions like sleeping pills may have more risk than reward and could potentially produce side effects you aren’t looking for, such as next day drowsiness and brain fog. However, we think it's well worth considering our CBN + CBD Gummies as a potential alternative to aid you in your sleeping routine. There is a whole industry out there that promises better sleep results, whether its pharmaceuticals or sleep number mattresses, but perhaps these gummies could aid as a more simple, natural solution.

Our natural hemp products, produced through our locally grown Wisconsin hemp farm, are what is referred to in the hemp industry as ‘full spectrum’. Full spectrum is a combination of CBD plus other minor cannabinoids and terpenes naturally produced by the hemp plant. One of those compounds is THC, which of course is the active ingredient in marijuana that produces a high. By federal law, CBD products with a THC level below 0.3% can be sold legally in most states (including Wisconsin). But even at such a low THC compound mixture, these full spectrum hemp products could be beneficial as a sleep aid due to how the hemp compounds interact with the endocannabinoid system in the body (ECS). The ECS regulates different biological processes in the body that relate to sleep, appetite, immunity, memory, and pain. The hemp compounds in conjunction with CBD are able to produce what is referred to as "The Entourage Effect’’ which naturally regulates the body into a state that is conducive for the body to seamlessly enter sleep stages.

Hemp products like Happy Place CBN + CBD gummies have the potential to be a simple, easy-to-use sleep aid. Although the upside is noteworthy, the medical research around hemp products is still in the beginning stages. Due to the freshness of the hemp industry in the United States, medical research regarding long-term effects are not as clear. This is why we recommend mentioning this to your physician if you want to pursue this sleep aid for the sleeping results you are looking for. Nonetheless, CBN + CBD Gummies are an Elevated Hemp favorite due to the ‘Entourage Effect’ they produce, their tasty flavors, and their perfectly legal, less than .3% THC standing with the government.

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