Smoking vs. Vaping

Smoking vs. Vaping

Sep 30th 2022

There are many applications and ingestion forms to take into consideration in order to experience the positive health benefits of CBD. Our product offerings consist of topicals, tinctures, and gummies. The CBD components all have a different way of entering and affecting the body's physiology based on these applications or ingestion forms.

The quickest and most popular way to ingest CBD is smoking and vaping the CBD flower. Overall, these two methods are similar, but there are a few unique differences between the two and the effect they have on the body. For immediate pain relief, medicate a panic attack, or provide sleep assistance, smoking or vaping one of our flower products is the way to go. The different flowers in our offering contain anywhere between 14.4% (Cherry Abacus) -16.% (Wife) CBD and are sold either as whole flower, pre-rolls, or oil cartridges (used for vaping).

Smoking is popular due to how rapidly the CDB can enter your lungs, be dispersed through the bloodstream, and enter the brain. The soothing effects of CBD can be felt within 30 seconds through this method. Vaping is similar as the product will be heated to the point where it can break down as a vapor and enter through the mouth, into the lungs and through the bloodstream. In order for the effects of CBD to be activated, the compound has to be burned or heated. Vaporizing heats up the product, while smoking burns it. Burning will cause the flower to release combustable traces, which is less suitable to the lungs than the heated vapor. For that reason, vaping is a more potent and pure form of ingestion compared to smoking, making it known to be safer.

Smoking is not as cumbersome as vaping. Vaping requires more steps than smoking, including the set up of the vaping device, grinding the flower into a consistent form suitable for the vaping device. Next you have to heat the device, and then clean it after use. Smoking requires less steps, such as: grinding the flower, rolling in a paper joint or packing into a bowl, lighting, and disposing. When it comes to choosing between smoking and vaping, there are pros and cons to each. Vaping is recommend as the more purified option, but smoking tends to be less complicated.

Smoking and vaping provide the most immediate effects in comparison to our other CBD offerings. Check out our flower offerings here and enjoy and find your happy place from the many positive health benefits Elevated Hemp Solutions products offer!

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