Happy Place Hemp - Hempress 1 - 11.7%

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Grown in Wisconsin

Raw hemp CBD flower allows you to enjoy CBD in a way that’s familiar and relaxing. Each jar of our CBD hemp flower includes generous buds from the Hempress 1 strain of hemp flower.

Each CBD nug is hand-trimmed to dispensary-grade quality, removing fan and sugar leaves, stems and other unwanted plant matter. Grind this high-strength CBD strain and roll your own cigarettes or pack a pipe for maximum enjoyment! We select densely-packed buds that are perfectly colored and freshly odorous, to ensure a smooth smoking experience.

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Learn More Hempress 1 and CBD strains

Each 3.5g jar of Happy Place Hemp’s Hempress 1 contains ~11.7% CBD content.

Hempress 1 is a strain that combines Purple Erkle x OG x *High CBD Secret Strain

This exclusive strain has been grown in Colorado for the last 3 years and making it's debut in Wisconsin, it has consistently impressed many farmers and extractors with both the quality and quantity of CBD it produces along with an amazing terpene profile.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review