K.A S.★★★★★ 

This is an absolutely amazing product I take it once to twice daily. I'm a Prior member of the United States Air Force As I've gotten older my knees and ankles really started bother me a friend told me about CBD I tried many different products some that were very ineffective some that worked OK this is by far the best I no longer have any sore ankles or knees in the morning or any time for that matter..... It works amazing but the true test came when my dog would no longer jump in-and-out of my S UV .. I Found out they also make CBD for pets I started giving this to my schnauzer and now he has no problems getting in-and-out of the car that was the true test Because he has no idea what hes taking he just knows he feels better :) and I feel better about that... If you have tried other CBD products and they did not work please try this one before you give up completely it really works thank you happy place hemp.


Central Vape - ★★★★★ 

My customers love this stuff. Elevated Hemp Solutions has a wonderful product. My vape shop is close to several retirement communities and so many have found relief from chronic pain using Elevated Hemp Solutions CBD. I have several customers that use it everyday for stress and even to just get a good nights sleep. I have not had a single customer unhappy with the results from this brand of CBD. Elevated Hemp solutions is the only Brand I will ever carry. I have been in the business for several years and have rarely seen a product have such a unanimous response from my customers.


Central Vape★★★★★  

GREAT PRODUCT! best on the market by far.


Mike M.★★★★★  

Met Chris who was helpful.


K.A S.★★★★★ 

Absolutely the very best CBD products ever I have tried several on the market and these guys are by far the best. They were able to answer all of my questions and provide factual data to backup their answers.


Mark G. - ★★★★ 

Plenty of stock on hand, no waiting, no back-order.


Matt A. - ★★★★★

High Integrity Company! Quality products!!


Yesenia D. - ★★★★

I think everyone should try this place. I think there product is really good. I've tried there delta 8. Creams and tincture. If you had tried there product give them a review they deserve it.


Chad A. - ★★★★★

Great ownership who care about their products, business, and customers and always willing to provide education and solutions for pain and stress alleviation. I recommend!!


Nathan W. - ★★★★★

Great hemp products! I enjoy the topicals :)


Paige W. - ★★★★★

Fantastic products!


S Cape - ★★★★★

I purchased the 1000MG CBD fruit gummies online. Unfortunately, I was not able to pick them up from the store, so I contacted the company and spoke to Chris. He was beyond helpful and shipped the product to me instead. I received it the next day. I take one gummy at night, and it helps me settle to a calm state and sleep comes easily.