Drift THC + CBD Seltzer (4-Pack)

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Shipping is available locally via Spee-Dee delivery or nationwide via UPS.  Because of the weight of the seltzers, we can not offer free delivery on $25 or more for these products, instead, if you order 3 or more 4-packs, your order will ship for free via Spee-Dee or UPS Ground.

In collaboration between trusted hemp manufacturers Happy Place Hemp and the esteemed brewers of 1840 Brewing Company, we proudly present Drift - an exquisite THC and CBD infused seltzer.  

Immerse yourself in the unparalleled experience of our alcohol-free sparkling water, boasting zero calories and enriched with carefully measured doses of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC and CBD.  Crafted with an unwavering commitment to quality, Drift stands as a testament to our dedication to providing an all-natural, sugar-free, alcohol-free, gluten-free and vegan beverage. 

Raise your can to a moment of pure serenity, and Drift Into Happiness gracefully and transport to your very own Happy Place.

Each can contains 10mg of hemp-derived Delta 9 THC and 10mg of CBD.

FREE SHIPPING when you order 3 or more 4-packs of Drift!

Directions for use: 

Dosage is dependent on the user. We recommend starting with one half of a can before determining how it affects you. Allow 30 minutes after drinking to experience any effects. Do not operate vehicles or heavy machinery. Store in a cool and dark place.  Best if refrigerated.  Keep out of reach of children and pets. 

Flavor: Citrus

Ingredients: Carbonated Water, Citric Acid, Natural Flavors, Hemp-Derived CBD and Hemp-Derived Delta 9 THC

Vegan & Gluten Free

Individual experiences may vary. 

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