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Ever wanted to try some of our gummies in a small package to see if you like them?  These are for you!  All of our varieties of gummies are now available in a convenient small sample pouch!  Just select the variety you would like to sample or better yet, try all 6 and get 25% off automatically! 

We are very happy to announce the release of our new Gummy Sample Packs!  Each sample pouch contains 3 gummies and is a cost efficient way to sample our gummies before deciding if you want a larger jar.

These pouches are in child resistant packaging.

To open : First, tear the heat sealed section off. Then, locate the fingerprint decals that say “pinch here” - they’re on opposite sides of the bags directly across from each other. Place your thumb on one side, your pointer finger on the other, with the Mylar bags pinched in between. Then, slide your thumb forward and your pointer backward - as if you’re rubbing the two fingers together but with a bag in between. This will cause the zipper to open!